Dear Guests, Please read our house rules carefully.

0. Participants in PoleJam Hungary’s training sessions, make use of the studio’s facilities (pole,lyra,weights etc.) of their own free will assuming full responsibility.


1. The studio and the classes can only visited and attended by registered guests.


2. In case a guest cancels the session later than 24 hours preceding the agreed time, the fee must be paid or one session will be deducted from the pass/season ticket.


3. We don’t extend the Season tickets/passes. No refund after payment.


5. PoleJam Hungary on its behalf cannot take any responsibility for any kind of injuries and accidents.


6. The Club’s trainers concentrate all their attention and professional skills on our guests, on their individual development. Experiencing even the slightest unease, the guest is requested to turn to the trainer in order that the necessary steps should be taken.


7. Attending a class in intoxicated condition is strictily prohibited.


8. Please take off your jewellery – especially rings – before class, because it can cause damage in our sport facilities.


9. The reception area is equipped with CCTV for security reasons. In the course of registration every visitor to the studio is identified by name and certain particulars. No further responsibility can be taken by the studio for any kind of personal valuables. Consequently, every guest is responsible for their own belongings.


10. Should any damage be done to our facilities, it must be compensated for.


11. For the sake of your own security, please don’t use our sport facilities without a trainer.


12. Any regulation concerning the dwellers and the facilities of this house should be complied with.


13. Do not enter the rooms in your shoes.


14. On starting the sessions both the entrance and the outside doors are locked. Please arrive on time.


15. You can call us on mobile on weekdays from 12:00 – 8: 00pm. We’ll call you back wether we don’t answer.

We wish you a lovely time in our studio.

Thank you for reading and accepting our house rules.
PoleJam Team

1067 Csengery utca 76. 
+36 20 / 337 08 34
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